Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus proudly congratulates twenty-seven (27) of its students for being among the awardees of the Youth Excellence in Science (YES) Awards.
This recognition is being given by the Department of Science and Technology yearly, through the Science Education lnstitute (DOSTSEI) to students who won gold, silver and bronze medals in the DOST-SEl recognized international Science and Mathematics contests.
The virtual recognition of the 2020 NSTW Davao Region - YES Awards was done yesterday, December 8, 2020, in time for the National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) celebration in Davao Region. The awarding was hosted by DOST XI.
1. Aldevera, Charlemagne B., lll
2. Alucilja, Leener Kaye B.
3. Araniego, Carlos Gabriel Y.
4. Caňedo, Ferdinand Miguel M.
5. Catubigan, Linus Jyron T.
6. Daguio, Johann Gervace S.
7. Dalian, Clarissa Lois P.
8. Espino, M4ary Grace U.
9. Garcia, Andrei Josh A.
10. Gomez, Vincent Arnold S.
11. Gonzales, Joseph John S.
12. Limjoco, Miguel Carlo Franco A. I.
13. Lindayag, Franz Achilles C.
14. Naranjo, Kyle Nathan G.
15. Petilla, Clint Eldrick P.
16. Rizon, Miguel Francisco U.
17. Roy, Althea Angela L
18. Sabado, Janno B.
19. Samson, YsabelAlessandra 0.
20. Soriano, GabrielAlessandro P.
21. Uy, James Charles Z.
22. Velasco, Elijah Peter A.
23. Villaceran, Marissa Ann L.
24. Villarin, Bob Owen B.
25. Wong, Liezlle May A.
26. Flores, Denise P.
27. Dalian, Zulieka Lou R.
Thank you DOST-SEI for acknowledging our scholars.
For the students, keep up your outstanding accomplishments. Well done!