by Sheila Allong

“I'm committed to create and share new information. Hopefully my peers in Pisay also grab every opportunity they can get to share knowledge to the world.”

This was expressed by Chemistry teacher, Research 3 Unit head, and Research 2 and 3 adviser Le Grande O. Dolino pertaining to not just one but three of his research works published in Thomson Reuters/Scopus indexed journals, namely: Journal of Chemical Education, Philippine Journal of Science, and Foundations of Chemistry.

Mr. Dolino published a paper in August 14, 2020 titled “Insights from Teaching Chemistry Writing Online” in Journal of Chemical Education ( His research studied how teachers can better carry out writing-related activities such as laboratory reports in Chemistry and in other science subjects online.
He, in collaboration with Dr. Doris B. Montecastro and Fr. Antonio M. Basilio, likewise put out the research “Low-cost Recovery of Bromelain Solids from Industrial Pineapple Peel, Pulp, and Core Wastes Using Ethanolic Cashew Leaf Polyphenol” on September 2020 in Philippine Journal of Science ( This study introduced an alternative procedure in getting Bromelain solids from pineapple core and pulp which could be beneficial to pineapple farmers.
Prior to joining Pisay, Mr. Dolino also published an article in Foundations of Chemistry in 2017 ( This study elucidated the distinction between chemistry and other allied sciences.

Campus Director Jonald P. Fenecios lauded him for his achievements saying, “Research publication is truly one great leap in human resource development. That is why it is one of my thrusts as your new Director. I would like to call on for more teachers to do the same.”

About the published faculty:

Le Grande Dolino obtained his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Ateneo de Davao University and his Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of Southeastern Philippines. His main research interests include chemistry education particularly in the transfer and development of student research skill.