What is research for if not to find a technical solution to a problem and develop something useful which can be implemented for the benefit of mankind?

This mantra was precisely the driving force behind all the research endeavors and research-related coaching activities of one of the “just starting out” yet highly admired teachers of Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus, Ms. Jessa Mae A. Villanueva.

In fact, when asked as to what was her and her co-author’s inspiration in coming up with the research entitled Antimicrobial Property of Sodium Alginate/TiO2 Nanocomposite Film, she said that, “One time, we visited the farmers in Calinan and learned that their persistent problem is on how to prolong the shelf life of their crops. This was the very reason why we conducted this research to look for solutions that could help farmers.”

Basically, the study shows that Sodium Alginate/TiO2 composite films can indeed be used in the food industry as an antibacterial film. Given its many possible uses in agriculture and food industry, the study was thereby acknowledged and peer-reviewed by the Philippine Journal of Science and published last September 2018. Here’s the link:

Ms. Villanueva, who has been a recipient of a number of research-related awards such as second place in the DOST, 6th Health Research & Development Expo and second place in poster presentation in the 11th PNHRS Week, shared that the current innovations in food packaging systems, including the use of polymers, hydrogels and nanoparticles to increase the shelf life of food has really been her main research interest.

With her passion and love for research, it is not a wonder that even her research advisees/students in the campus were award-winners too in different research-related contests here and abroad such as the Malaysian International Young Inventors Olympiad 2018, Project BT 2018, Restoration Exology Society of the Philippines Saving the Cordilleras Ecosystem Network (RESPhil-SCENE), Inc. 8th National Conference, and Global youth Science and Technology Bowl 2020, among others.

As a message to everyone, Ms. Jessa Villanueva has this to say: “Go out and look for research problems that are practical. Those that can actually help the society.”

About the Published Faculty:

Ms. Jessa Mae A. Villanueva finished BS Food Technology degree at the University of the Philippines Mindanao and is currently taking up MS Food Science at the same institution. For this school year 2020-2021, she is teaching Integrated Science II to Grade 8 Rosal students, serving as Research 1 Teacher/Adviser (Materials Science) and also as Research I Unit Head, and at the same time,   as Research 3 Teacher/Adviser, while being the Homeroom Adviser of Grade 8 Rosal.

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