Welcome to Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus.  This privacy notice informs you about what personal information we collect, why we are collecting, how do we collect, use, access and stored and its security measures.  Moreover, we also give you information as to whom do we share these personal information and your rights as data subjects.

Moreover, we respect your rights to privacy and we aim to comply with the requirements of privacy and data protection laws, particularly the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA).

In this particular notice, the terms, “data” and “information” are used interchangeably.  When we use of “personal data”, the term includes the concepts of personal information, sensitive personal information and privileged information.  Moreover, in this notice, the Personal Information Controller is the Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus.

Personal Information we collect, acquire or generate

The information we collect, acquire or generate are consists of written records, photographic and video images, digital material and even biometric records. The following are some of the examples.

  1. Information you provide us during your application for employment/promotion
  2. Information we collect or generate after selection/recruitment process,

 appointment and during the course of your stay with us.

  1. Unsolicited information


How we use your information

As permitted or required by law, we use your personal data to pursue our legitimate interests as a government entity and an educational institution, including a variety of academic, administrative, research, historical, and statistical purposes.


How we share, disclose or transfer your information

As permitted or mandated by law, we may also share, disclose or transfer your personal data to other persons or organizations in order to uphold your interests an/or pursue our legitimate interests as a government entity and as an educational institution.

How we store and retain your information

We store and transmit your personal data securely in a variety of formats (paper and electronic formats) including databases that are shared between this agency/campus and other campuses and other mandated agencies.  Access to your personal data is limited to the school’s personnel who have a legitimate interest in them for the purpose of carrying out their duties.  Rest assured that our use of your personal data will taken with utmost care.

Unless otherwise required by law or by appropriate policies in the school, we will retain your relevant personal data following the policies as prescribed by the National Archives of the Philippines.  This includes the policy on retention and disposal.

Rights of the Data Subjects

In recognition of your rights as provided by the DPA, the following are your identified rights:

  1. Right to be informed                                                 e. Right to Erase
  2. Right to Object                                                             f. Right to Damages
  3. Right to Access        g. Right to Data Portability
  4. Right to Correct h. Right to file a complaint


For the details of every item as indicated above, you may access through this link:PRIVACY NOTICE FOR PERSONNEL AND APPLICANTS(2nd layer information).Should you have any concern or question regarding the above Notice, you may contact through the following:


Telephone Number: (082) 293-0002

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.