(2nd layer information)

 Personal Information we collect, acquire or generate

The information we collect, acquire or generate are consists of written records, photographic and video images, digital material and even biometric records. The following are some of the examples.

  1. Information you provide us during your application for admission. When you apply with us for admission, we collect, among others:
  • Registration requirements such as
  1. Student information sheet with 2 pcs 1 x 1 ID picture
  2. Original Report Card (for new students)
  3. ID Data Sheet w/ recent 1 x 1 picture (for new students)
  4. Original Form 137 (Official Transcript of Records)
  5. Original NSO - Birth Certificate
  6. Legal Guardianship Papers, if applicable
  7. Signed Scholar’s Pledge
  8. Scholarship Agreement
  9. Notarized application for categorization
  10. Notarized Statement of Assets and Liabilities of the Family
  11. Income Tax Returns (ITR) of parents for the last 3 years
  12. Certification from non-filing of ITR for the last 3 years , if applicable
  13. Unemployment/Retirement Papers (if applicable)
  14. Certified True Copy of the latest Tax Declaration of all

real-properties or certification of no landholding or real property

  1. Certificate of Registration of Vehicles (if applicable)
  2. Electric Bills for the last 3 months
  • Residence Hall
  1. Residence hall application form with 1 x 1 picture
  2. Parent’s/Guardian Instruction Sheet
  3. Regional Parents’ Commitment Form (for new students)
  4. Parents’ Consent on Out of School Activities
  5. Residence Hall Contract
  6. List of Appliances/Electrical Devices Form
  • Health Services
  1. Health History and Personal Data Sheet with 1x1 pitcure
  2. Medical/Dental Consent Form
  3. Complete Physical Examination Laboratory Results for Chest X-ray, Urinalysis, CBC and Blood Typing, HbsAb and HbsAg & Fecalysis


  • Guidance
  1. Parent’s Questionnaire
  2. Cumulative Records In-take interview
  3. Students Guidance Record w/ recent 1x1 picture (for new students)
  4. Elementary Guidance Profile (for new students)
  • Scholarship Documents
  1. Sketch and Picture of Permanent Residence
  2. ATM Application Information Sheet with 3 pcs 1x1 picture
  3. Information we collect or generate after enrolment and during the

course of your stay with us. After joining this institution, we may also

 collect information about you, including:

  • Your academic or curricular undertakings, such as the subjects you take in, scholastic performance, attendance record, etc.
  • Co-curricular matters you may engage in, such as in-service learning, outreach activities, internship or apprenticeship compliance;
  • Your extra-curricular activities, such as membership in student organizations, leadership positions, and participation and attendance in seminars, competitions, programs, outreach activities and educational tours; and
  • Any disciplinary incident/action that you may be involved in, including decisions with accompanying sanctions. There will also be times when other forms of data like pictures or videos of activities you participate in, via official documentation of such activities, or through recordings from closed-circuit security television cameras installed within school cameras are acquired.
  1. Unsolicited information. In instances when personal information is sent or provided to us or received by us even without our prior request. In such instances, we will determine/decide if we can legitimately keep such information or not. If it is not related to any of our legitimate interests/purpose, we will immediately dispose of the information in a way that will safeguard your privacy. Otherwise, it will be treated in the same manner as information you provide us.

Why we collect personal information

The intention of collecting the information is for the agency to generate the data to be used for the carrying out its mandate and purpose as a government entity and education institution.


How we use your information

As permitted or required by law, we use your personal data to pursue our legitimate interests as an educational institution, including a variety of academic, administrative, research, historical, and statistical purposes.  Below are some of the examples related to the above purpose:

  • Evaluating scholastic achievements
  • Processing confirmation for transfer to other campuses
  • Recording, generating and maintaining student records of academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular progress;
  • Recording, generating and maintaining records, whether manually, electronically or by other means, of grades, academic history, class attendance and participation in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities;
  • Establishing and maintaining student information systems;
  • Source of information of teachers in academic deliberations and evaluation of student performance
  • Processing scholarship applications, grants, allowances and other reports required by higher authorities
  • Source of information in Investigating incidents that relate to student behavior and implementing disciplinary measures
  • Maintaining directories and alumni records
  • Compiling and generating reports for statistical and research purposes.
  • Providing services such as health, insurance, counseling, library, sports/recreation, safety and security
  • Managing and controlling access to campus facilities and equipment;
  • Communicating official school announcements


How we share, disclose or transfer your information


As permitted or mandated by law, we may also share, disclose or transfer your personal data to other persons or organizations in order to uphold your interests an/or pursue our legitimate interests as an educational institution. Disclosure, sharing or transferring of your personal data for purposes as indicated below:

  • Sharing of your personal data with your parents, guardians or next of kin, as required by law, or on a need-to-know basis, as determined by this institution, in order to promote your best interests, or to protect your health, safety, and security or that of others;
  • Distribution of the list of graduates and awardees in preparation for and during commencement exercises
  • Complying with court orders, subpoenas and/or other legal obligations;
  • Publishing academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular achievements and success, including honors lists and names of awardees in school bulletin boards, website, social media sites, and publications;
  • Use of photos, videos and other information in order to promote the school, including its activities and events, through website posts, newspaper advertisements and the like.
  • Conducting internal research or surveys for purposes of institutional development;


How we store and retain your information

We store and transmit your personal data securely in a variety of formats (paper and electronic formats) including databases that are shared between the school’s offices.  Access to your personal data is limited to the school’s personnel who have a legitimate interest in them for the purpose of carrying out their duties.  Rest assured that our use of your personal data will not be abused.

Unless otherwise required by law or by appropriate policies in the school, we will retain your relevant personal data following the policies as prescribed by the National Archives of the Philippines.  This includes the policy on retention and disposal.

Rights of the Data Subjects

In recognition of your rights as provided by the DPA, the following are your identified rights:

  1. Right to be informed                                                 e. Right to Erase
  2. Right to Object                                                             f. Right to Damages
  3. Right to Access g. Right to Data Portability
  4. Right to Correct h. Right to file a complaint


Should you have any concern or question regarding the above Notice, you may contact through the following:


Telephone Number: (082) 293-0002

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.