One research group from among the grade 12 students emerged as champion in the Life Science Category and another group as runner-up in Physical Science Category during the UP Alchemes Research Fair 2021 SPITZER: Rediscovering Youth Aspirations through Scientific Ventures held last January 29-30, 2021.

Indeed, even while the global pandemic has presented a variety of challenges including conveniences of the students to conduct research in school, yet, these circumstances hardly hindered our scholars from pursuing outstanding studies and even garnering recognition for their pursuit of scientific exploration and innovations.

“I hope that these winnings will serve as an inspiration to everyone to still and all the more move student-research forward and to not be afraid to go for contingency plans given circumstances surrounding Covid-19 pandemic,” said Campus Director Jonald P. Fenecios.

The whole PSHS-SMC community is very honored and thrilled for these research winnings brought home by our Grade 12 students. Great job!