On one hand, in the Chemistry Laboratory of the campus, two (2) registered chemists, one (1) chemical engineer, and one (1) microbiologist, namely Mr. Michael Casas, Ms. Krizelle Faith Saure, Engr. Edengrace Jacinto, and Ms. Suzanne Mendoza joined forces last April 2 and 3, 2020 to solve the problem of the lack of alcohol for disinfection.  


“Thanks to the chemicals procured by our Supply Officer Ms. Ma. Sandra Agnes Golvin, we diluted absolute ethanol using distilled water to come up with 70% ethanol solution,” Mr. Casas explained.

These gallons of 70% ethyl alcohol were then dispensed to the different offices in the campus for the use of the staff, contract of service personnel, as well as janitorial and security personnel.

“We ran out of stock. There is no absolute ethanol anymore available in the market. We will resume once the said chemical is available in Davao again so we could make more,” Mr. Casas relayed. 


The boxes of sanitizers and N95 face masks donated by PSHS-SMC Batch 1993 Alumni were likewise distributed and utilized by the skeletal personnel who still have to report to work despite the enhanced community quarantine imposed in Davao City.

“For additional protection and immune system boost, the school also sees to it that the staff, contract of service personnel, as well as janitorial and security personnel on duty are provided with Vitamin C and multivitamins,” shared by Ms. Golvin, Supply Officer.

Likewise, with the help of the school’s security personnel, everyone, either personnel or visitor, is strictly required to sanitize and go through thermal scanning prior to entering any premises of PSHS Southern Mindanao Campus. Guests are additionally made to fill out a form for faster tracing in case of positive COVID-19 case. Vehicles are being disinfected too using the knapsack sprayer donated as well by Batch 1993 alumni. 


Apart from disinfection scheme, the food pack distribution to different check points as well as the PPE fabrication and delivery to medical facilities are still in full swing.


Last Wednesday, April 8, 2020, 150 food packs were distributed by Ms Agnes Golvin and Ms. Catherine Ureta to the check point centers in different barangays in the 3rd District of the city.

And, just last April 6, 2020 (Monday), 130 pieces of face shields were delivered to Southern Philippines Medical Center.



As PSHS-SMC mobilizes to help respond to COVID-19, the finance and administrative staff play central role. Considering that most of the school’s personnel were instructed to work from home, certain staff per unit in the FAD still have to report as they have to render essential service – most importantly as the strategic partner and crew for all of the projects and programs, routines, and important transactions and service of the PSHS system and the school.  

On the part of the teachers and other staff, while they were instructed to stay home which is precisely one crucial measure to flatten the curve and contain the virus, they are far from being idle. They are expected to be available on telephone and electronic means of communication at all times and may have to report to work if called for, in case of exigency of service. Additionally, while at home, they maximize their time by making instructional materials such as worksheets, modules, videos, etc., following up and making online consultations with students, working on their special assignments, and participating in online training and courses. Admirably, some teachers and staff even volunteered to help pack goods and donations for their respective communities or in the distribution of Food and Medicine Pass and Ration Packages in the subdivision where they live, while others took part in fund raising activities, initiated projects such as letter writing to COVID-19 patients, and donated money from their own pockets.