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Jearvy R. Lañohan



In keeping with its commitment to immerse the students and to raise their awareness  in the issues and concerns of the community, the Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus conducted a community mission to different institutions in the city.   The Alternative Learning Activity (ALA) unit, with the asistance of the Sustainable Outreach Committee of the PSHSSMC, spearheaded this year's community mission. 


         Samsung continues to find ways to creatively engage students in the school as it partners with the Philippine Science High School- Southern Mindanao Campus in putting up the first  SMART Classroom in Mindanao, and second in the Philippines.  The establishment of the SMART Classroom is a response to both Samsung and PSHSSMC's desire to effectively  incorporate technology in the classroom and to take another step towards building a learning platform that will empower teachers to deliver instructions through an interactive learning environment. The classroom will feature two units of 65-inch interactive whiteboard and 30 units of Samsung Galaxy tablets.