DOST Secretary Mario Montejo led the oath taking of the appointed PSHS leaders namely:

                        Dr. Larry Cabatic- Executive Director of the PSHS System

                        Dr. Rod de Lara- Deputy Executive Director of the PSHS System

                        Mrs. Delia A. Legaspino- PSHS SMC Director

                        Ms. Ruwina S. Gonzaga- PSHS CRC Director

                        Dr. Chuchi Gargonera- PSHS SRC Director

                        Dr. Warren Cordeta- CVisC Director

                        Dr. Salvador Romo- CVC Director

                        Engr. Lorvi Pagorogon- CMC Director

            “People challenge. It would require harmony of goals aligned to the PSHS vision...” Ma’am Delia answered when asked about the biggest challenge of being a director in the campus. She envisions PSHS-SMC accreditation to the Council of International Schools with the passion to realize the vision at hand and with the full cooperation and support of Pisay SMC Community. “It is a very ambitious vision but we can make it if we put together all our efforts to attain the goa.”, Ma’am Delia added.