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Journal Date Published Link
1. Low-cost Recovery of Bromelain Solids from Industrial Pineapple Peel, Pulp, and Core Wastes Using Ethanolic Cashew Leaf Polyphenol Le Grande Dolino, Doris Montecastro, Antonio Basilio  Philippine Journal of Science  September 2020 Click here
2. Insights from Teaching Chemistry Writing Online  Le Grande Dolino  Journal of Chemical Education  August 2020 Click here
3. Chemistry as a Creative Science  Le Grande Dolino Foundations of Chemistry  April 2018 Click here
4. Assessment of the Extent of Implementation of Standards and Procedures for Water Safety in the Philippines

Dr. Anthony C. Sales,
Ms. Ludivina M. Porticos,
Ms. Hydie R. Maspiñas,
Mr. Michael A. Casas,
Mr. Porferio R. Jabla
and Ms. Ma. Annabelle S. Jabla,

BMJ Open August 24, 2015 Click here
5. Antimicrobial Property of Sodium Alginate/TiO2 Nanocomposite Film

Erwin Oliver V. Fundador, Jessa Mae A. Villanueva, Noreen Grace V. Fundador, Aleyla E. de Cadiz

Philippine Journal of Science September 2018 Click here