Academic Program


The Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus is a government scholarship school which is mandated to develop students for Science and Technology careers, thus, Science and Mathematics subjects are generally advanced. In the second year, the students take Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate subjects, while Computer Science is offered from first year to fourth year. Research is taken both in third year and fourth year levels. It is also the thrust of PSHS-SMC to develop well-rounded scholars who are not only good in Sciences and Mathematics, but also sensitive to the humanistic aspect of man. Humanities Department’s related subjects train students to enhance their creativity and help them in becoming socially aware and responsible citizens of the country.




To stimulate, develop and prepare the students for career in the sciences;

To develop the spirit of inquiry, analytical thinking, interest and skills in research;

To encourage and foster creativity and innovation;

To educate for responsible citizenship;

To develop the understanding of the scholar’s self and how he relates to his environment;

To develop the conditions for the development of a set of values acceptable to the individual and to the community/society in which he lives;

To foster sensitivity and respect to the diversity of culture in Mindanao;

To serve as a training center for science teachers and a source for research studies on student abilities, teaching methods and strategies and instructional materials; and

To provide the above opportunities to as wide as a sector of the above population as possible.

Campus Resources


Residence Halls Students coming from the provinces are accommodated in two separate dormitories: the Boys’ and the Girls’ Residence Halls.


Students Services and Facilities Library, Guidance Office, Registrar’s Office, Speech Laboratory, Bio, Chem and Physics Laboratories, Canteen, Gym, Medical and Dental Clinic, with Audio – visual Room among others.