Ms. Rojenn Claire Patigdas and Mr. Lorems Yrol Pedeglorio presented their research entitled  Silica Extracted from Rice (Oryza Sativa) Husk and Calcium Oxide from Asian Green Lipped Mussel (Perna Viridis) Exoskeleton as Potential Components for Glass.  This research won silver award in the    category

                  Ms. Klarisse Cruzado and Mr. Francis Elisha U. Divinagracia talked about their  research on Generating Electrical Energy Using the Heat of Cellular Phones Through the Thermoelectric Effect of Peltier Tiles by.  The entry won gold award.

                 Ms. Krizzia Erika B. Barez and Ms. Pauline Shean L. Garcia presented their paper on Preparation and Characterization of Alkali Impregnated Activated Carbon for Air and Water Purification.  This study won gold award.

                  The students were accompanied by their coaches Mr. Michael Casas and Ms. Suzanne